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SAW 2017 Venue 12

Somerset Arts Weeks Festival 2017

this year I am showing with Claudia Gunton painter and Rose Hubbard experimental photography

I will be showing my latest body of works ‘letting go’ which is about freedom, freedom from fear of failure and expectations of what the work should look like. It is not what we have or don’t have its about all the stuff we drag along with us…. It is about the weight of all those expectations and the fear of failure, which sucks the joy right out of you. 

SAW 2017

the door is open – it always was

Letting go

This series of work is about all that and more than that; it is about just letting go… not being afraid to just say what it is you subliminally want to say; to do that you HAVE to do… let go; there is no other way. It is about tapping into what it is that makes me want to paint in the first place and finding the subliminal reaching in and letting it out.

I also have work showing at Shakspeare Galleries Landport (see below)

SAW 2017 Venue 12


SAW 2017

I do hope you can make it too at least to one of the venues, it would be lovely to see you there