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everyone sang
everyone sang

accept it or reject it!


doing the best I can do

When I finish a piece I photograph it for my web sites, I then walk away leaving it on the easel to see how I feel about it the next day.  At this stage I can be feeling very satisfied with myself and then again I could be feeling I could have done better and that I had not done it justice.  So invariably leaving it and giving myself distance from it is important.  As I put myself my heart and soul into every piece. It is important to see past that, and not to be precious about it, to enable me to accept it or reject it.

my representatives

Although they are my offspring; they have to go out into the world and be judged and stand alone; when they are no longer under my control.  So I have to be sure they will stand up and represent me well.  It is so important that when I return to the studio and look with fresh eyes that I can make that assessment.  Is it the best I could have done, could I have done better! Well frankly yes to both! That is what makes art and ‘being an artist so difficult’   it is a continual struggle between the creation, and what it is I want from my work.

everyone sang

‘everyone sang’

I worked on this piece for what at the time seemed forever, it is a fusion of the unpredictable and my will to control it.  Nevertheless it finally made it to be very – acceptable, and it now lives in Perth Australia

let the unpredictable in

If I have a preconceived idea in my mind before I start, this can be a sure way to become disappointed with the final outcome.  So I have to put that first expectation away, it has to go; to allow the unpredictable in, and the interaction between me, the paint and the painting; and to giving way when a composition wants to go in a completely different direction.  One that I instinctively know is the right way for it to go can be a wonderful moment.

end of the rainbow

end of the rainbow

This piece is pure unpredictable, and is I think one of my best pieces – visit gallery

accept it or reject it

Now I have to forget its history; accept it or reject it for what it is.  This can be doubly hard when it is created for a show; not only do the time pressures come in making it all too easy to make mistakes.  I have been known to make mistakes and show less than my best; on these occasions when I realize that a particular piece is just not worthy all I can do is pray it comes back.  Thankfully only one piece has got away, and I deeply regret it.  When they do come back from a show, I then add it to the queue of rejects for recycling; that is; if I cannot fix what it is that ails it.


‘abundance’ SAW 2013

I was under very tight time restraints when I hung this at the SAW 2013 exhibition.  I realised all too late that it just was not good enough, and prayed it would come back home with me.  It now sits in waiting for recycling – a reject!

Addendum 21 January

Well after this blog was posted somebody asked me if they could buy ‘abundance’ which meant I had to put it back onto the easel and give it a face lift.  I have been beavering away at it; and now it is finished and awaiting collection.  So I thought I had better update this post and show what purpose can do.

I have to admit I would never have given it a second chance; but now that I have finally finished it I am willing to let it out into the world.  I sincerely hope it gives as much pleasure as it gave me hassle.



Was it worth it let me know what you think

I want everything I do to be the best I can do!

Am I too fussy? Should I be satisfied with my best efforts? Am I trying too hard? And why does it matter so much? Should I give myself a break? The answers are obvious to me; I want everything I do to be the best I can do! and I always work to do better. Of course this inevitably sets me up to fail, but without the challenge would my work move on?

let me know what you think in the comments below?

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