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all over; bar the shouting
all over; bar the shouting

all over; bar the shouting


All over; bar the shouting

As this is Open Studio year for SAW (Somerset Art Works) for most of this year I have been creating a new body of work.   I started with numerous field trips to Exmoor; sketching and exploring my feelings for the moors.

Since then I have created around 30 paintings in oil of various sizes.  I have been full on and totally absorbed in this work; now I just need to varnish, sign, catalogue and hang them.


all over; bar the shouting

Tranquil Isolation

Exmoor and More

I have named this series ‘Exmoor and More’ and in it I am trying to express how I felt when in a particular place and not to depict it.  However in some pieces I found the scene has come more to the fore and became too strong to fight; I had to allow it to happen.  However in many of the pieces feelings have overridden the picture, expressing visually my emotional reaction to place

I’ve tried to express through oil paint my feelings for a place; my love of the moors how on the moors I become lost in space and time.  I have named and given a ledged to most of the work in the series and hope this will assist the viewer to connect as I did.

all over; bar the shouting

From Cow castle nestling above the Barle

All over; bar the shouting

As stated above I still have much to do before the opening of SAW 17th September to 2nd October 2016. One of these jobs is to create a file of photographs and words (some of which have been an ‘aid memoir’ for the work) on Exmoor for my visitors. 

SAW Open Studio

I look forward to sharing this work with you and hope to see you there, please come if you can

17 September – 2 October

11am – 5pm not open Sunday and Mondays

Venue 25, Park End Studio
Westover House, Westover, Langport TA10 9RB

I always welcome feedback; please share

Best regards ashar


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