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Artist in Residence


Artist in Residence

Having arrived here in Queaux late on Monday evening; I moved into the Artiste Residency on Tuesday (which turned out to be quite an eventful day of which I will tell all in the Journal I will publish at the end of my stay here) only to start work on the Wednesday.

Artist’s Residency

artist in residence

Maison d’art Queaux

I have the use of a large galley / studio area with a kitchen space, then up one flight of stairs a large decked balcony space which is in full sun in the morning. This has a view across the river Vienne valley, (unfortunately the trees mask the river)

Then on up to the residency which has a bed and bathroom and very little else of consequence, Not overly comfortable but I am here to work

artist in residency

maison d’art

The date for the expo has been set at 25 – 27 September

I had very little time to acquaint myself with the area, in spite of this I do need to start work and get some paint laid down. At this stage I choose the warm colours of the stone buildings, and pan-tile roofs to work with

This at least allows me to get started.

First two boards 40” x 30” I am hoping that I will catch up with myself and have time to review all the work before the expo

artist in residence

number one

artist in residence

number two

Let me know your thoughts on the work so far, in the comments below

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  1. I think the work is amazing! Number one makes me think of a cobblestone entrance with footprints marking a path taken…number 2 is like stepping into a void, uncharted yet full of promise…
    Have a great residency!
    Your work cheered me today, thanks!

    • Thank you Angela, your comment has made my day. I have just been fretting about it all as the hanging is getting so near. lovely to hear your thoughts best ashar

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