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artiste en residence
artiste en residence

artiste en residence


Artiste en Residence

I turned the two paintings I started last week to the wall (I will look at them afresh later and hopefully finish them) and concentrated on the large square, which I have now finished it just needs a name

artiste en residence

place with no name

I then started on the two small boards that I thought I would do as a diptych.

artiste en residence


Not at all sure about this?  very strange!

artiste en residence


No it has to go!

view from studio window

From the window of the studio all I can see is trees, which is a great shame as the Vienne River is down there somewhere…

artiste en residence

tree line

when I started the largest of the boards I had prepped, the only thing I could think to do was the horizon of trees, it seems the trees are entering my psyche…


the idea

once I had put them in I realised that the ground should have been put in first. phew lets hope I can pull it off.

artiste en residence

WIP – still some way to go


Those darn trees!

I have prepped the ground on the diptych for ‘them there trees’ a line of them will go across the horizon

artiste en residence

diptych – again

Fingers crossed; all goes well with them.

a motley bunch of work! I had thought I would make a coherent body of work to show.  fingers crossed it will all meld together

I would love to know your thoughts on the work so far, in the comments below

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  1. Excited for you experiencing of your new environment in France. Love ‘Tree Line’ but then I would wouldn’t I ?


  2. Well done, you are working well…
    The show will look great

  3. Hi Sharon, I love watching your work progress! How exciting that you are doing a residency in France. It’s interesting how a new environment can shape and influence our work. How long are you there for?

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