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being amongst the winged
being amongst the winged

being amongst the winged


It has been a long time since posting   ‘in a good place now’ back in February; which, if the truth be known was a little premature.  The black dog really didn’t leave me until May when the long horrible grey winter finally turned into; I was going to say spring but we never really got a spring at all. Turned into bright skies and a wonderful early summer. 

I now found myself working on a new series of works ‘being amongst the winged’ even though it had not been named at that stage.  I had this phrase in my head that just would not go away, all of the time I was working on these pieces.  ‘will you take my song and sing it whilst you fly’ now where did that come from? I have no idea but I do know it was a constant, and I knew the work was all about this, but I just could not explain it at the time.

So I just went with it, and let it hang there in the aether, like some benevolent godmother; enabling this series of works to be born…

being amongst the winged

will you take my song and sing it whilst you fly

being amongst the winged

Following in the direction of last year’s works ‘letting go’ when I found myself in the sky.  This year’s work is exploring the liberation that being in the sky brings; of flight and freedom and being amongst the winged.

Once again challenging myself in expressing feelings, not for place this time but for the freedom of letting go. So I have taken the mark-making into the realm of flight.  Feelings of the wind on your face, and the magic of hearing the skylark sing in flight. The lingering memories of dreams of flight and the sensation it conjures when we do. 

I always endeavour to express my emotion and create work that has the ability to be felt by the viewer and not deliberated upon.  I am hoping these works will evoke a reaction in the viewer, and that they have the ability to be touched by them. 

Creating work that has the capacity to be felt has always been my aspiration.  Painting my thoughts and feelings and not what I see…

being amongst the winged

to where the bird sings


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