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being an artist is difficult


being an artist is difficult!

Being an artist is difficult; it is a continual battle between the work and imagination.  A works finest moment is in its conception, from there on in it is usually a struggle.  That first moment of inspiration can be so fleeting, intransigent yet creates a powerful urge to convert it into reality.  Therein lies the battle, the work needs to be the reality of the inspiration.

an impossible task.

The work is reality and the making of it is real, keeping a hold on and converting the idea into reality is the challenge.  This is what keeps me battling away at it, although I am destined to fail at every attempt.  I have never managed yet to capture that moment in paint; it always becomes a compromise between the reality of the materials and the intangibility of the concept.  The work I envisage in my mind never truly comes into being.

Sometimes at the end of it all, it does not feel like it is mine at all; sometimes I leave it unfinished because I have lost the original visual insight.  Has the work lost its way or is it me?  A combination of both me thinks.

Every piece that comes off my easel started life as a concept and finished off as a meltdown of reality and inspiration, however reality nearly always wins.

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some of the pieces destined to be recycled

being an artist is difficult

Keeping motivated is another challenge an artist faces, why do we keep doing something when nobody cares if we do or we don’t.  Doing stuff that in all probability will not sell and will just add to that growing pile of work stored away, almost certainly to be recycled at a later date, once it has had its maximum of three public showings.  But you have to keep on working even when it may never be seen.  I constantly have to challenge my doubts to get anything done at all.

Artists work in phases we have to constantly regenerate our work, it either stops working for us or we cannot take it any further and to continue would be repetitive and kill off the creativity in us.  We are continually reinventing, always moving towards the next goals.  Fear of becoming stale motivates this constant urge to reinvent.  This is the reality of being an artist.

I am not of the school that everything created is art and that anybody creating it is an artist, I believe an artist earns that title, I never called myself an artist for years and only do so now because I am prolific enough to discard and rework, work that fails, you have to produce an awful lot of mediocre, so-so, not bad, pretty good to accomplish the exceptional, and that is what I strive for.  This means the majority of the time I fail., which makes being an artist difficult.

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some of the pieces I knew

the pay off

So what keeps me going, why do I bother?  Well sometimes just sometimes a piece comes off the easel that I know works; I also know it! (The work that is), it’s as if it always was there, just waiting to be let out.  I have however, never discussed this with other artists, but for me my best work always has that feel about it.  I would be very interested if other artists out there have this knowing about their best work?

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