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we're almost there
we're almost there

busy, busy, busy


Busy, busy, busy

My third week in

a very busy week with trying to get the diptych finished, just not going well at all; it has been very stressful

however I did finished the large board that I started last week, and it is now facing the wall with the other three large boards waiting for the hanging on Thursday.

Diptych! ahhh!!!

driving me crazy – I have laboured over these two small boards; they have been very naughty! They are just not behaving well at all. This is my second attempt at them and they are just not working.

busy, busy, busy


I had planed a row of trees across the horizon, with interesting trunks, the lower part of the trees to be dark, and the upper golden. Just could not get the ground as I wanted…

Time is running out and I have to make a decision on them; do I put the trees onto a ground I am not happy with or should I try to make something out of what I have? I really do not have the time to start all over again.

busy, busy, busy

OMG looks like a badly painted Monet

Decision is to try to make something work on what I have.

busy, busy, busy

no longer a diptych, they have to stand on their own

sorry not a good image, I will try to take better ones when they are all ready to hang. 

I have decided to show them individually as they seem to work better on their own. 

surprise show

I am as surprised at this outcome as anybody that knows my work would be, as stated last posting this is going to be a very diverse showing.


I came here to Queaux by way of my studio buddy from Uni, Lorraine Tuck a fellow artist and good friend.  She has been working alongside me throughout my stay here; partly because I have no French but mainly because it was a great chance to work together again; as most art students will attest one misses the dialogue of working alongside fellow artist and being able to bounce off one-another. I was saving this for the journal I intend to post once the month is up; however I mention this now as we have been collaborating on a piece together this week


this is on a very large board 1.2 mt which is very liberating and has been great fun to do

busy, busy, busy

the ground is laid


we're almost there

we’re almost there

this should be finished tomorrow, then it’s a matter of cleaning up the space and getting the work hung, named, and listed – wish me luck

the private viewing is on Friday 25th at 7pm, just in case your near Queaux

Let me know your thoughts on the work so far, in the comments below

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  1. Probably what you need to do for the trees is get a strong line between the actual trees and their reflection. The line might also be an interesting part of the composition. What I see that’s wrong is, everything’s the same tone.

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