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creative process of a painting
creative process of a painting

creative process of a painting


Creative process of a painting

I thought I would share with you the creative process of a painting, one of my latest pieces.  to that end I will give you a step by step pictorial record of the creative process of a painting.  The piece I am sharing with you is plaster on board 30″ x 30″ 

Starting point 

I have already covered my work on plaster in ‘work in progress – from prep board to exhibition wall’ 

I do not always have a clear picture of what I am going to paint, sometimes it is just a vague notion of my feelings for a particular place.  Sometimes its about a collection of colours in a place or a time of year; it can be about form and shapes or a mixture of these elements

with this piece however it started out about the shapes I observed on Dartmoor

Creative Process of a Painting

Starting Point

In this case I marked out the shapes in black crayon, they may or may not be visible on the finished piece; it can be a mixture of chance or design.  But it is a starting point!  

The Process

Creative Process of a Painting

first layer of colour

I lay down some colour to set the mood of the painting, some of the original marks are showing through still

Creative Process of a Painting

start of the mark making process

this is when I start to flounder! laying in some stronger marks is a very important part of setting the composition and everything can now go horribly wrong.  I am always uncomfortable at this part of the process

mark making

mark making – continues

up or down

up or down undecided

I usually turn a work in progress around several times during its making, and with this one I am undecided which way up it will go.  It is good to have the choice and I always welcome it

creative process of a painting

final stages

the final stages I think just a few final tweaks and it will be ready to varnish

Creative Process of Painting

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I hope you enjoyed this journey with me through my creative process, if you did please share 

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