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critique required
critique required

Critique Required


your open and honest – Critique Required

my latest works are at the end stages, however I would love your open and honest critique of them. before I name them! please be open and frank as I always welcome constructive criticism.  

critique required

untitled I – mixed media on wooden panel 36″ x 36″

critique required

untitled II – mixed media on wooden panel 20″ x 20″

please give your critique in the comments box below, and I will come back to you asap.

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  1. What delightful abstracts you post! I especially like the topmost one with the great green area poised dangerously close to collapsing! I think it is that emotional message that drew me strongly to that painting. You have made the green form massive with your very delicate fence-like intimations. And the dreaded fall into the void about which we can know nothing. Today I am reading political implications, with the world poised so dangerously close to erupting into a big mess! It’s the suspense of your painting that caught me. And the soft-hard combination of brushwork kept me involved. Very strong, and also delightful because of the color.

    The painting below it seems to want to belong to the topmost painting. It’s the colors, of course, and the earthy feel, along with that rain from clouds set up in the topmost painting. The flash of lightning finishes the notion of impending noise and even the possibility of fire out of that threatening atmosphere! Nice work!

    • Well Susan You are so perceptive, I have been thinking of naming the top one ‘living on the edge’ or words to that effect. thanks you for your comments I have taken them on board, the one on the second painting has given me food for thought – best ashar

  2. Hi Ashar,
    All critique is of course subjective. But I can perhaps try to explain why number one appeals to me more than number two. It is the mysterious dark green. The thin black lines and the grey & whites and a tiny little red. It’s atmospheric while the second one is disturbed by the red line. Which comes from nowhere and is going nowhere. When the lower right corner is filled with a darker green (remove the gray) and some of the red line is shining through I think the painting gets a certain strength.
    It is of course just an opinion……..:)

    • Thank you Martin, yes I see no. II as problematic in that the red line has kind off taken over in its diffinity, it does disturb me some. however I had not thought of introducing dark green into the mix, so thank you for that thought. Yes critique is subjective as is art, and I very much value the viewers ie. your opinion – best ashar

  3. Hi Ashar,

    As with both paintings I enjoy the mood, especially painting one. In painting two this mood continues but the orange breaks that momentum of the mood and transforms it into something different. Abstract is what you make of it and I am fan of all types of abstract.
    Painting one to me is captivating and has a meaning. In number two, for the reason that you know, you have a distinctive line and no doubt that has a meaning too!
    But great work and love the green.
    Regards Owen

  4. There is a sense of hope in these, even with the black and the grey…. the earthiness of the green I suppose. I’m drawn to #1 in particular, and it’s landscape cropping in your header on this pages the most. That effect leaves me wanting more than the square one. Even when I first traveled to this page… Lovely work!!!!


    • think I agree with you on that, strange as I have trouble doing rectangular works. thanks for your import Jan appreciated – best ashar

  5. I am a “realist” painter and do not do abstract. As a result, I see the message of a beautiful landscape being torn by the want to run a power line to a city depicted by the blue wash in the right of the piece. An strong environmental message… as least to me.

    • Thanks Craig, for your very interesting observation. Thats why I love abstraction, the viewer has to bring something to it. thanks for your comment – best ashar

  6. I begin feeling warm earthiness and cold water….hot and cold; more hot than cold green landscape. …beautiful slow moving sky structures to cool down that pounding and nearly overwhelming bright green, a coolness necessary for balance. ….a luscious feelings, senses awakening place, and piece of art.

    linda alexiata

    • Thank you Linda for taking the time to comment; I am always pleased to hear the viewer’s opinion on how they see a piece. I firmly believe that once a work is on show it belongs to the viewer and not the artist, and that the viewer brings his/her life experience to it. What is especially pleasing is if somebody has an interaction with the work, which for me is the ultimate prise. so thanks again – best ashar

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