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doing without feeling


whats to do when your intuition goes on holiday

Last week I told you how overworking had led to my becoming stale; and how friends had kick started me again. Nevertheless I would like to revisit this ground to investigate what it is that happens when inspiration goes on holiday and why. last weeks post

Nowadays artists have to wear many hats, apart from the business of creating; they have to spend time on social media, updating their websites and blogs (if like me they keep one). In short we have to promote ourselves on the net; as well as in the real world. This can result in being overstretched if one is not careful to pace oneself.

switching mindsets

Switching mindsets between being a creative and being the marketing director of your creativity can lead to all kinds of problems if not scheduled properly.

Oh wouldn’t it be great to just ignore all these peripherals and just paint! Well yes I could do that! so why don’t I? why this constant pushing! I am driven to create I have to paint; I put my heart and soul into the making of my art. (me thinks that’s for another blog)

doing without feeling

‘don’t stop me now’

‘don’t stop me now’ – Lost in the moment, immersed in the colours; drowning in the feeling that the colours evoke; never wanting to leave that moment.  

 doing without feeling

In short it can lead to doing without feeling! That may sound a bit fanciful arty type speak, but it is an essential to creativity and is the difference between a good and a not so good piece of work. I know when I finish a piece just how much feeling has gone into it; it speaks back to me it has soul.

Not all of my work can and does do that; as even when a piece is not my best, there is still something of me that I can respond too. However sometimes this just doesn’t happen and you can be flogging a dead horse to try to bring some life into a piece that is not coming from within! Consequently it has no soul.

whats to do when your intuition goes on holiday

This usually happens when I’ve been overdoing it, am depressed or stressed. This is a time to reflect to take stock, go for a walk along the Perrott and try to figure out what is missing and what it is I am trying to convey emotionally in my work.

How do I get there when my studio / life has turned into a production line? Give myself time to reflect, take a walk visit another artist call a friend.

doing without feeling

‘end of the rainbow’

“end of the rainbow” We have reached the reds, pinks and purples at the end of the spectrum and the wind is blowing in our faces.  We know there is more we just have to reach out….

the cure

That sounds like I have it sorted;; well I don’t! The cure when it comes can come in many different ways. (as in last week and artsy talk with a bunch of friends) But ideally it must start with space to reflect.

All those years of being disciplined and perfecting technique are essential. So that when inspiration returns you have the skills to translate feelings into painting that talk to you and hopefully the viewer too. Now’s the time to start something new; paint intuitively! will it be a masterpiece? Probably not, but it will be better than when I was stuck!

I am continually learning how to deal with this problem; the trouble is when I am in the doldrums I rarely can see the wood for the trees. So I must remember to read this quote from Bird by Bird –  Anne Lamott When it happens 

“You get your intuition back when you make space for it, when you stop the chattering of the rational mind. The rational mind doesn’t nourish you. You assume that it gives you the truth, because the rational mind is the golden calf that this culture worships, but this is not true. Rationality squeezes out much that is rich and juicy and fascinating.”

How do you cope with this problem? please leave your views in comments bellow

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  1. I understand what you are talking about. I am just about to have an exit interview for my 3rd year of a fine art degree. This year has been the worst academic experience of my life. So I was stressed and completely exhausted.

    My way of coping is. If tired just stop and have a sleep. Doing something relaxing but repetitive helps me regenerate. For me that is hand stitching or dyeing. Go to LUSH, get a hair treatment, bath melt and moisturiser. If this is extreme having a day off. I also found going to see other peoples work very uplifting and gave me back some of my initial enthusiasm.

    • Thanks for dropping by Adele, I have to confess I find it very hard to relax these days; a bit of a workaholic. but I agree about looking at others work it can be uplifting and inspirational. I just took a look at your blog, Love your work. best ashar

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