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doodling again
doodling again

doodling again


having got the small landscapes out of my system see ‘art therapy’ I am now trying to get back into work proper

doodling again

so to start this process as I am still without cause; I have been doodling again in my sketch book.  In the hope this will get the juices going once again.  I have been looking at marks, shape and form and simplifying them to see how they pan out.

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sketch-book doodling again

however I do have one board on the go that I have been working on and off; even though at the moment it is not really talking to me so I am struggling a bit with it. this is not at all unusual; most of my work takes me through this stage.  Although it  may be due to my also working on a long overdue present for my niece; in a totally different style

doodling again

WIP abstract art ashar

all over the place

At the moment I am all over the place; landscapes, doodles, abstraction and monks.  This kind of sums me up at this time; I cannot settle to anything my minds all over the place with no particular direction.

On the other hand I am seeing it as a process that I am hoping will lead me to an objective – wish me luck

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  1. Your article is an interesting insight into your thinking process. After a taking a break from painting I am also back doodling in my sketch book. I now have 2 or 3 ideas to work on. My inspiration has been a new way of working. I am starting with colour themes. The Adobe colour picker on my iPhone camera can focus on colours and record them in themes. I have done this on a recent trip trip to Greece and I am excited about the colours I have collected. It was ideal for me as I was part of a group and was unable to stay long in any one area.
    I am now creating, what may turn out to be a series of paintings based on my colour collections. I am hoping my working will continue away from realism towards an abstract style focusing on colour relationships.
    I wish you success in your endeavors.

    • thanks Joanne that sounds a really interesting way to work; it would be good to see how you get on with it. Keep in touch – best ashar

  2. Nice work Ashar, both the drawings and the Wip painting!

  3. You sound exactly like me. Isn’t it interesting how you and I experience “seasons”…and now and then are interrupted by “unseasonable weather?”

    Thank you for sharing your journey. It helps to have company.

    • Such a lovely way of putting it Susan; I too appreciate the company – being an artist can be very isolating. Thank you for your comment they are always welcome – best ashar

  4. Hi Sharon

    I just finished a 4 month series on discharged black cotton with dyes and wax. “The Sweet Darkness” on my website. We have a kitchen back splash that I’ve been contemplating a batik for since July,.. waiting for it to speak to me. Your doodles got me thinking about motion where I’d been static until now. Where my goal is for the viewer to instantly go to it when opening the front door, and then have their eyes just as quickly fall open to take in the colours that surround and inspire the little place where it will live… an unassuming, dark corner that will be either somewhat or completely back lit, (16″ 33″, under a cupboard surrounded on all sides). Haven’t been quite able to get myself away from the darkness of the black cotton, but have forced myself to white cotton today, that is dyed black and thus, I can discharge it forward and invite richer colours than the discharged black permits..

    So I thank you for sharing your doodles. They have helped shift my process immensely!

    Love your work – from across the pond in Toronto!


    • Wow Jan that sounds exciting. If you put it onto your website when its finished let me know; would love to see it. Glad my doodles helped in the process that’s thrilling for me. Thanks you for your input always appreciated – best ashar

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