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doodling and experimenting
doodling and experimenting

doodling and experimenting


Arts Weeks 2014 the summary

whew! what a funny old time it was, footfall was slow; the first week was good for sales but in the most part people were not engaging. And I often saw that all too familiar ‘caught in the headlights’ look that I often get from people who are not familiar with and ‘don’t understand’ abstract art. So much so that I put a sign on the stairway pointing to ‘Venue 100 ashar abstract artist’ this did the trick; and bought me into the second week and people who engaged with me and the art – but no sales!

ashar open studio SAW 2014

works on display

learning experience

so all in all it was quite an experience and I did learn from it, should I do it again! this is always questionable, but I probably will as sales were not bad and I cannot complain; if the second week had been as productive sales wise as the first it would have been great.

What did I learn:- to be more selective with my opening times, I will certainly change them next time, I will not waste money on advertisements in the wrong publications, and try to target my audience better.

ashar open studio SAW 2014

work in display area

doodling and experimenting

I prepped up three pieces of work to use as experiments throughout ‘arts weeks’ but found it very distracting and not as easy to do as I had thought. However I did finish one piece that is now on the website and for sale.

doodling and experimenting

wordless song

But mostly I spent my time whilst waiting for visitors just doodling and playing around in my sketchbooks from photos taken on Dartmoor

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so there you have it Somerset Arts Weeks Open Studio 2014 is now over and I have managed to take a few days off to recoup.  This week is pretty full up; but I should be back painting on the 18th – watch this space….  

if you have anything you would like to add please do so in the comments below, and I will get back to you – best ashar

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  1. Bravo Sharon
    You did it – Most people talk about – make excuses – find a reason not to –
    See you soon

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