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emotional journey of a painting
emotional journey of a painting

emotional journey of a painting


Emotional journey of a painting

Every one of my abstract paintings goes through several emotive processes; that I am beginning to recognise; as the emotional journey of a painting. I would like to share this with you alongside my latest work

My creative process

Once the decisions on what, where, shapes, colours etc… have been made the work takes on a life of its own and can be a lovely exciting phase in the artistic process.  I can lose sight of my original plan and become enthralled with the process of painting and creating.  However…

emotional journey of a painting

building the ground

Love / hate / negativity

At this stage I usually like the ground I have created and start to get a bit precious about it. I like where it is and do not want to spoil it.  If I carry on will I spoil it? is it speaking to me? can I see where it’s going?

leading to me becoming quite negative about it, and to a flattening off as I am scared to take it further.  We have lost our way; I am now floundering; unsure of both me and the painting

Emotional process of a painting

this is where I start thinking I can’t paint; I am hopeless if I ever had any talent I have used it all up.  Time now to reflect this can take a week or two; longer sometimes.  Over this time I can grow to hate it; it is just not working, it has nowhere to go.  Should I paint over it and start again?  Best to leave it and get to know it better!

doodling again

WIP abstract art ashar

Left to hang

I will have hung it on the wall opposite the door to my studio; so that we confront one another as I enter.  Ever hopeful I will get it! and be able to put it on my work in progress wall; but I have to be patient if I force it at this stage, I will almost certainly spoil it.

The payoff

I can be working on something else and just look up at it, move it to the WIP wall and off we go without consciously thinking about it.  This now is the pay off, I am enthralled totally absorbed in the piece.  we are one again!  I cannot plan it; it just has to happen; that magical moment of recognition and coming together The emotional journey of a painting – that’s the way it is that’s how I work. I would love to hear your views on this in the comments below 

emotional journey of a painting

out there somewhere

I hope you enjoyed this journey with me, if you did please share 

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