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a moment like this
a moment like this

explaining your artwork to your viewer


Explaining my art to my viewer

Whilst I love to share my work and find it fascinating watching the reactions of some people who just don’t get it. I am always in fear of being asked to explain my work. I feel I am expected to come up with some momentous well scripted response. When in truth my mind just doesn’t work like that, all the things I have written about my work evaporate and are nowhere to be found.


I stumble about trying to relax and recall the moment in time when I came to name the piece as that is when the work reveals its meaning to me, that is if indeed it has one. I love to share my thoughts if I can get them together before I lose my audience; however they will not be momentous! My command of the spoken language is shaky to say the least. Yes I know I can ramble on about art, but when it gets personal I get tongue-tied.


explaining or debating

I know logically nobody is vetting me so why does it feel like that. Why can’t I relax into it and enjoy my moment of sharing. I am an artist after all not an intellectual.  Art is about sharing.

Explaining your artwork

For me the best art is felt and cannot be explained; perhaps that’s it! am I disappointed when they ask my inspiration, meaning, intention etc… As I then know I have failed. But then I am aware that in 99.999% of the time I will fail; as does most art.

as it says on my home page 

“If I could say it in words there would be no reason to paint.” Edward Hopper 

However I can and do write descriptions of pieces which does explain what a work is about so why cannot I verbalise it! Why are my thoughts at such times irrational!

journey into abstraction


‘summertime’ – “A time of dragonflies humming and wildflowers splashing their colours along the bank, warm and quite refuelling the imagination”

open to discussion

Are they genuinely interested in the piece / my work or are they making art talk; are we going to have an open debate about my work / art in general. Either way I do welcome it and want it. So why do I freeze up! I am happy to send my work out into the world to stand on its own without me to explain it; and let the viewer make of it what they will. Ah is that it; am I divorcing myself from my work so as to protect me!

That may be closer to the truth than any of the above. This is perhaps the demon that needs facing, but then again…

Your thoughts on tackling these problems are welcomed please respond in the comments box below – best ashar

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