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getting back into the swing of it


getting back into the swing of it

its been a month now since the end of the shows and I have to say I was bushed at the end of it all.  So much so I just could not paint! I had several pieces on the go but they were quite honestly going nowhere.  


Not wanting to beat myself up, I started playing around with bits of wood and 3D; my intention was to use plaster and paint and anything else that took my fancy.  However my plaster has gone off so until I find a supplier for small quantity of plaster it will just be wood, glue and paint.

after Mondrian

WIP after Mondrian

I intend to paint it when finished; not sure yet if it will be a 3D homage to Mondrian or an abstract painting / 3D at the moment I favour the latter, but time will tell



this piece is nearly ready to paint although it has another component to be added; not sure about colour/s yet

back to the paintings

it has worked out well as after a few days playing with wood I found myself going back to the paintings – I had taken the pressure off.  I am enjoying doing both and have found I am enthused with doing the 3D stuff and have loads of ideas just waiting to be realised.  

getting back into the swing of it

painting in progress

painting in progress

painting in progress

think I have turned the corner with these two pieces; although they still have a way to go

Let me know what you think of the 3D so far? has it got legs?

I have work showing throughout November at the Exeter Contemporary Arts Hub

Exeter Hub - ashar

work at Exeter Hub

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