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in a good place now
in a good place now

in a good place right now


In a good place right now

After my last posting I made a decision to stop beating myself up and cease working for a while.  I also decided to get out and about, see some exhibitions and visit other creatives.

Consequently I have been out and about looking and musing.  Last Monday was a good one as it was Social Monday at the RWA meeting up with other artist members and academicians was a tonic, my travel companion was fellow Somerset artist Jenny Graham whose company was uplifting, and a visit to her new studio was inspiring so thank you Jenny you did me a world of good. 

In a good place right now

Thanks also to all of you, for all your encouragement and support, your messages and visits have been a tonic thank you all so much.  Of course I still have March to come which is always a bad time for me, but for now I am in a good place right now and making the most of it.

A good day was followed by a good week.

I was back in the studio on Wednesday, to what was a really good light and found myself painting again on the paintings that I shared with you last time.  Beginning to see some merit in them too… I hope you agree.  Your thoughts are always welcome good or otherwise; there is always something to learn

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I also decided I would take a break down to Cornwall to immerse myself in art and artists and I have booked up for three nights in Penzance, heading off on Monday.  I will be posting to my Facebook page with updates on Cornwall

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