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green is my nemesis
green is my nemesis

green is my nemesis


Green is my nemesis

I have never been comfortable working with green and always avoid it in a composition; as green is my nemesis

For the best part of this year, the Letting Go series of work was my focus.  I started with a palette of yellow, black greys and blue with text being an integral part.  However, the palette changed throughout the year leaning more towards blues; a colour I am very comfortable with. 

Even so, what happens every year since having my studio at Shakspeare Gallery is MAY… May and early June from my studio window which overlooks Cocklemoor is nothing but vivid green and yellow, invading my space and will not be ignored.

Green is my nemesis

Not for the first time during this period, my palette becomes saturated with this vivid green and overtaking it.  I have always struggled with green and find it a very difficult colour to deal with.  It will not behave like other colours, constantly changing with the light and is difficult to blend.  Just when I think I have it, the light changes and I can see that I don’t.

Nevertheless, once again the greens just took over for the period, well I say period – I was still grappling with this mini-series within a series well on into July and beyond.  Green…. What I learned was that light has a huge effect on how you see it.  I could leave the studio feeling at last! I have it, satisfied with the piece only to return in the morning in a different light and hate everything about it; and vs a v.  This happened many, many times. 

green is my nemesis

as seen at the RWA

Mini-series within a series

Finally I did manage to produce three larger works and three small pieces all of which I am now very pleased with.  One of which is on show at the RWA (Royal West of England Academy) They are a series within a series in that they grounded me throughout that period.  Letting Go was mostly in the sky but these where terrain based and focussed me onto a colour.  Green has always been my nemesis I have never felt at ease with it; though I am now hoping I have learned enough about it to be more comfortable with it in future

the three small ones


green is my nemesis

‘out there on Cocklemoor in May’ oil on panel 30″ x 30″

green is my nemesis

‘coming into land on Cocklemoor’ oil on panel 28″ x 28″

‘the colours of Cocklemoor in May’ oil on panel 24″ x 20″ hung in the RWA

the other thing I found is that photographing them is a nightmare.  the above photo images do not do them justice but are the best I could do

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