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here they are
here they are

here they are my twelve little panels


March is a very difficult month for me however I have managed to finish the twelve small pieces I showed you last time.  WIP

twelve 6″ x 6″ panels

here they are those twelve little panels, they were a happy distraction and although they were challenging in that I used texture paste at the ground prep stage; and the marks I made then turned out to be very confining and in some instances I had to completely ignore them (the marks that is).  Not so easy on such small pieces.

textured ground work

textured ground work


How difficult these moments between the idea and reality. Encapsulating the essence emerging from the depth of my mind; one thought following another, a myriad of information to convey.  Once I pause to consider the truthfulness the essence is lost in the reality of making. These are from within and now out; cannot be recaptured

here they are!

twelve little panels

twelve little panels

They are fun now they are done!

However I am pleased with the outcome and overall I think they work very well.  I like the idea of a group of paintings bouncing of off one another.  How to price them is another thing! Do I price them individually or as a whole?  see them in ‘out of silence’

please share your thoughts on them

As you know your constructive criticism is always welcome. 

Now it’s back to ‘my levels’ in earnest

although most of the water has been drained away and all is green.  As I have said before I love the Somerset Levels in the winter and we had no winter as such this year just rain and more rain.  So I now need to get out there and see if I can find something in the spring on the levels that will inspire me.

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  1. Exquisite little diamonds Sharon. You could think about pricing them in sets of three maybe. Well done once again.

  2. wow, I like very much! Yes sets would work well Diane. They are beautiful; warm, fizzy, deep and still, all at once to me.. x

  3. I loved each one in your 6″ series,but why so small? Once I asked a famous artist what her symbols stood for and she said,”I don’t like to talk about that.” And that was that! So don’t worry too much about explaining your art! She still sold her art like crazy!

    • Hi Lynn thanks for dropping in, sometimes I change format / media just for the hell of it. Sorry no real reason just that I kind of fancied doing a grouping; actually I love doing them and they were a bit of light relief too. best ashar

  4. I love these pieces! Beautiful colors! I did something similar with 9 small pieces and really enjoyed the process. It felt good to work on them simultaneously and letting them influence each other. I kept them all in the same color palette (orange, pink, red, with highlights of white and line green) As to pricing..I plan to offer them as a ensemble, set of 3, or singles with the ensemble being the best deal and the single ones still affordable for those who like the work but unable to afford the full ensemble. I only hope that if there are single purchases, the remaining pieces will still have an impact but just in a different configuration. We’ll see…

    • Yes it is fun to work small in a series. I have done several sets of six and sold them both individually and singularly. However with this set; they are meant to be a group so I will just hang onto them until somebody wants them all. Thanks for your comment Helen best ashar

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