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how do you deal with procrastination?


how do you deal with procrastination?

just what is it that’s holding me up at the moment? why can’t I get on?  I have to answer these questions to find out just what is holding me back.

 is it procrastination or depression?

yes of course I am depressed I always will be, since the loss of my son; however I have learnt to deal with it.  I have to; as pills and all the crying in the world will not change a thing.  I have managed to keep painting, with some down times but mostly keeping busy has helped me survive.  

So yes I am depressed, and no I do not think it is what’s stopping me getting on with my work at the moment; even though it will always be a part of what I do.

Procrastination then!

why? what’s causing it! is the goal I set myself at the beginning of the year too hard or just not working.  I found myself wanting to type ‘just not doing it for me’ Freudian slip maybe! but i do not want to take the easy route, that would not help me.

I have managed to take the abstraction of the Somerset Levels further than I envisaged but not as far as I would have liked.  It does have something to do with this I am sure; as I am finding myself wanting to go back to glorious abstracts and all its abstractions!

however the British landscape has always been my muse; I love landscape art.  Albeit abstracted spirit of place’ landscape.  did I think I would have managed it by now? is that a part of the problem?  I want my landscapes to be about feeling the place, not depicting it: and I know I haven’t got there yet.

Angela Charles

is one of the artists here in the West Country who manages to capture the ‘essence of place’ her work is shortly showing in Bath at Hilton Fine Art, attending is a must as I always find fer work very inspiring. lets hope that helps

angela charles

Angela Charles

 am i feeling beaten by it

probably yes! is that why I have been forever on my latest two pieces? are they saying what I want to say!

whatever it is; I am not working.  I am procrastinating! that’s a fact

what do I need to do to get going again?

and get over this hurdle, force myself to work, yes I have tried that and find I have no stamina for it and nothing positive to show for it.  Hopeless!

moving studio

I am shortly moving my studio to Shakspeare Galleries in Langport and am hoping that once there and having to make the effort to go out to work so to speak I will produce.  Well that’s the theory anyway – fingers crossed

how do you deal with procrastination! what’s your advice; how do you cope with it?

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