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my dilemma and where to go now
my dilemma and where to go now

my dilemma and where to go now


my dilemma and where to go now

Whew! I think I am beginning to make a bit of sense out of my ‘quite period’ I know that I like to set myself goals and challenges; and that at the moment I do not have one; this is causing me problems in getting going again.  So one of the things that is holding me back is not knowing where I now want to take my art.  

As stated in my recent blog on last year’s work I managed to reach the goal I set myself.  Whilst this is good! I do like to keep my work evolving.  Also whilst developing the idea ‘spirit of place’ in my landscape work in 2014; along the way the work I did on the Somerset Levels and Moors in particular was received and sold well.

Somerset Levels

how I see the Somerset Levels

to see my work on levels and moors

Yes before you ask I did enjoy doing them; however I also like as I have already said evolving and challenging myself and this is what is missing at the moment.

My dilemma and where to go now is; should I continue working on ‘spirit of place’ in more representational work that sells?  (Yes I am hearing you groan! However I do not paint for sales I paint because I have to create and love doing so! but needs must when the devil drives; I do not have unlimited funds; (without sales art is an expensive hobby) I do have rent to pay on my studio and I have a limited amount of space for storage) or continue abstracting the landscape into feelings? Which I felt was there but probably still has legs although is not as well received?

well; did I get there in 2014?

magical mystery tour

My dilemma and where to go now

So is it to be about my love of the landscape and expressing it in a dipictional manner or finding the essence of place in a more abstracted but more expressional way?

As ever writing about it is clarifying the problem; I am going to get myself back into the studio prep up some small wooden panels and paint some detailed landscapes then choose from them; which I want to develop into more expressional works on larger panels and staying true to myself as an artist – how does that sound?

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  1. I think you have a good plan – make sure you let us see the progress – soon. The bigger the ‘rest periods’ between painting the harder it is to get going again. Bon Courage.

  2. I do not know your process so it would be presumptuous to make suggestions but perhaps you might want to have the ability to work back and forth between 2 series at the same time.
    Right now, I am working through bravura acrylic painting (no sketching or drawing just painting). Drawing first seems to be the test of real art and yet artists like Caravaggio, El Greco, Goya, and many others proved the power of direct paint. The second series is rigorous geometry based on ancient greek proportions.
    Because of the space between them, I’m able to stretch the ideas in each series by working back and forth between them.

    • thank you Stephen Yes I always seem to be in two minds about which way to go; and working on two series at a time does cover my dilemma. best ashar

  3. I think this is a good idea. It seems to me that only those who have an arts education or real interest in art are attracted to abstract because it is esoteric. So for the vast majority they will prefer representation because they understand it. So when there is rent to pay and materials to buy you have to create work that sells to the public to make art that you enjoy. The problem is those of us who would buy your abstracts are struggling to pay our rents too and have nothing left over to buy art that we love. I think it is a fact that as you develop our taste changes. I only like contemporary hand made items now. My taste has become very specific. I am sure other artists and crafts people can relate to this.

    • lovely to hear from you I hope all’s well with you – I could not agree with you more; well put Adele and thank you. best ashar

      • Thank you Ashar. I am recovering from eye surgery for acute angle closure glaucoma. They are still sore and I am using this healing time for some thinking time too. I have enjoyed reading your thoughts, thank you for sharing.

        • I am sorry to hear that Adele and wish you a very speedy recovery; it’s good you’r using your time positively. we all need to take time out to set our thoughts strait; so make the most of your respite. Get well soon and thanks again for comment best ashar

  4. Ashar, have you considered doing a related series, like a series of three smaller
    images along the same concept? People will buy something that will
    hold up in a roomful of other genres if it is beautiful and strong.

    I visualize your work hung in a set of three or six images. If they are smallish
    and of similar color/atmosphere they might be enough suggestive of a
    “landscape” or “floral” that they might bring the essence of realism without
    becoming literally so. Imagine a string of, say, 18 x 18 renderings of your Somerset Moors lined up on a living room wall, picking up serene neutrals of the interior they are displayed in. Show it with lots of room around it, so people
    could imagine it in a place in their home. See how it works in a setting with antiques! It might work very well with someone’s old masters!!!!

    I understand your dilemma. You might consider working in a different medium like etching or wood cut to expand your experience without competing against your own excellent airy waxy art. Good luck. (overplanning should be avoided in my opinion, though.)

    It would be such a sad thing to lose your esoteric statements by having them outsold by paintings of a different genre, in my opinion.

    • Thank you Susan; I think I need time to digest this. (However I do have three 18″ x 18″ prepped boards leaning against the studio wall) I think what you are suggesting is although I am not sure is along the lines of my Somerset Levels series or are you thinking more abstracted. My last works where about capturing ‘spirit of place’ and abstracted although not as a series as such. see well; did I get there Your suggestions are all very valid and thank you for them; you have given me food for thought – best ashar

  5. I think your art will naturally evolve as you continue to get inspired by new aspects of the Levels or any other related topic. Do both and see what happens. Love your work and this way of engaging others!

    • Yes Fiona I think you are probably right and think this is the way I will go. Thank you so much for your comment appreciated. I am a big admirer of your work too. Lovely to hear from you – best ashar

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