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new storm arriving
new storm arriving

my Somerset levels


My Somerset Levels

Is getting closer! Yes I know I still have a very long way to go, however I have begun the journey.  After all of the fear and anxiety I have started to work proper.  It is feeling good at the moment I have settled into just getting on with it and letting go.

I produced six small boards 12” x 12” they are still relatively representational but far more abstracted than I dared to hope for at this stage.

I was of course hoping for frosty, misty, icy, snowy mornings; which make the levels so mysterious.  However the floods are what we have and they have had a great impact on the work produced so far.

My Somerset levels

new storm arriving

new storm arriving

I introduced my favourite colour turquoise into the pallet as I was worried it was in danger of getting a bit samey.  Not very levels I’m afraid but I am comfortable with it.  I think it adds a lift to the floods as they can be very grey as well as being very beautiful.  Like all bodies of water they are moody; and I hope I am getting this across.

all of the Somerset paintings can now be seen in ‘my Somerset levels’ Gallery I hope you enjoy them


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Let me know what you think always a pleasure to hear your views – best ashar

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  1. Beautiful Ashar. Good idea on bringing in the turquoise. I always maintain that it’s better to paint with colours that are working for you, fleeting as that may be (today turquoise, tomorrow rose?), then to force it with ones that don’t.

  2. Wow, so amazing and incredible! It’s so tranquil and peaceful; A great piece indeed.

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