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Sedgemoor in spring
Sedgemoor in spring

new studio new work


new studio new work

I have moved into my new studio and have finished off the two pieces I started at the beginning of the month, albeit too representational; however they are what they are.  

Somerset Levels in the spring.  

They are about the bird song that fills the air at this time of year on the levels.  I have tried to evoke the feeling one gets on visiting the reed beds during the breeding season.  I hope these paintings manage to convey this notion, as discussed in Spring on the levels

reed beds Sedgemoor

Reed Beds


Sedgemoor in spring


are they saying what I want them to say! in part I think they are albeit a bit too pictorially.  

new studio new work

it hasn’t taken me long to get going again; although I am not at full steam I am working. I have gessoed up several boards ready and have started one abstract work. I can actually feel some enthusiasm coming back into my work again.  

new studio new work

new studio new work

this work in progress is slightly larger than I normally work and is on a panel approx 39 x 30 I am now contemplating what colours to add to it. Please share your thoughts?

Small Panels

I have prepped up eighteen small panels some of which I intend to do of the levels; the others will be abstract.  Now I have made this decision I am more contented with myself and my work – lets hope it lasts…

As you know I always enjoy your comments so please feel free to make them – best ashar

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  1. Beautiful paintings. Love your works!


  2. I think it is fine to be representational , because you need to start with new ideas and that cannot come from nowhere. I have a new studio and have decided to use objects for a while because the view from it is so overwhelming I need some sort of anchor.

    • Hi Elizabeth, Yes I saw it on FB and wonderful it looks too! I have views of the Somerset Levels but from a smallish window; so not overwhelming but very nice. My problem is I can’t seem to stop painting what I see and not what I feel.
      Are you doing still lives or abstracts from them; how does it work?
      best ashar

  3. I feel as the representational came out it was obvious that it needed to emerge! And now you’re off!!! Great news, I knew the studio would create new energy.
    Pthalo Turquoise, orange and yellow…something clear and bright but not too acrid xx
    wowee here she goes….Susan 😉

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