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Exmoor and more!
Exmoor and more!

odd one out


odd one out!

I have for several months now been working on a new body of work; for Somerset Open Studios 2016. So far I have finished around 25 paintings of various sizes.  My inspiration for this new series comes from my love of wide open spaces; mainly the moors.  My muse is Somerset’s National Park Exmoor and my feelings for it. I am trying to convey my feelings for a place and not depicting it.

I have been keeping the works in my studio, but as my door is generally open I get the occasional visitor.  After a while I thought I would help my visitors understand what it was I was trying to convey, by putting photos of Exmoor on the walls. As some people were having trouble seeing Exmoor in the works; and I felt it may help them to understand my work better.

odd one out!

This however has back fired on me! as the last two paintings since pasting the photos on my wall, have almost certainly lent to them being representational. Not at all what I was doing up until then.  I wasn’t too worried with the first one of these as I felt it wasn’t a bad thing to have an ‘odd one out!’ but with this second one; I’m thinking I will have to take the photos down and put them into a folder to hand to visitors that don’t get abstraction.

This is the second of the two; and is at a crisis point.  The question – should I go on with it or should I abort it?

odd one out!

odd one out!

Please let me know what you think should I give it the finishing touches or scrape it back and start again?

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let me know what you think in the comments below – best ashar

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  1. Go on with I love it!!!

  2. I like very much like it is!

  3. The painting is i.m.o. working fine …but ….you are obviously doubting it and feeling it doesn’t work with your other pieces so keep going until it is right for you.

    • Thanks Lorraine, I quite often tell myself to do a Lorraine and make it work; although this one is off piste a bit so it doesn’t sit well with me. Yes I think it must be that it’s not fitting in with the others ‘odd man out!’

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