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oil v acrylic
oil v acrylic

Oils v Acrylics?


What have I been up to?

Why the silence!!!

Well I had a Macular Hole in my right eye retina; which was operated on, on the 3rd December.  (if you’re wondering what it is like having a hole in your vision take a look at a Frances Bacon painting!)

 It has been some time since my last post as my vision has been very poor and not only have I been unable to Blog I have not been able to work or drive.  In fact in the first week after the op I had to sit with my head down.  The first two days nearly drove me nuts! until I got out my sketch books

I then spent my time doodling

oils v acrylics

me doodling

I had to get real close to my work and even then I could barely see what I was doing.

Some of the doodles

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sorry they are a bit out of focus….

I don’t think anything worth working on came from the doodling; however I have had lots of time to reflect on what I want to do regarding my work, in 2016. And hope to be back in the studio next week; as this week I have started driving locally again.  The really good thing is I am raring to go, not bad for me at this time of year!

I am pondering on Oils v Acrylics

I do love working in oils but they are not as convenient as acrylic. 

Pros and cons of Oils v Acrylics! This could go on all day so I think I will just have to get my oil paints out and go for it; I can always switch back.  However…. this is a bit of a poser your views on the pros and cons of both would be very welcome

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