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oil v acrylic
oil v acrylic

Oils v Acrylics?


What have I been up to?

Why the silence!!!

Well I had a Macular Hole in my right eye retina; which was operated on, on the 3rd December.  (if you’re wondering what it is like having a hole in your vision take a look at a Frances Bacon painting!)

 It has been some time since my last post as my vision has been very poor and not only have I been unable to Blog I have not been able to work or drive.  In fact in the first week after the op I had to sit with my head down.  The first two days nearly drove me nuts! until I got out my sketch books

I then spent my time doodling

oils v acrylics

me doodling

I had to get real close to my work and even then I could barely see what I was doing.

Some of the doodles

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sorry they are a bit out of focus….

I don’t think anything worth working on came from the doodling; however I have had lots of time to reflect on what I want to do regarding my work, in 2016. And hope to be back in the studio next week; as this week I have started driving locally again.  The really good thing is I am raring to go, not bad for me at this time of year!

I am pondering on Oils v Acrylics

I do love working in oils but they are not as convenient as acrylic. 

Pros and cons of Oils v Acrylics! This could go on all day so I think I will just have to get my oil paints out and go for it; I can always switch back.  However…. this is a bit of a poser your views on the pros and cons of both would be very welcome

you can add your comments in the form below and i will come back to you asap. 

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  1. I’m glad to hear you are back in harness and look forward to seeing your new works…soon

  2. Speedy recovery and all the best in 2016.

    I use acrylics as a put on and leave alone medium. Not much one can do with it. However, with oils, I can smear it around and push-pull it for quite some time.

    I use acrylics for my spraying. I typically use oils for a pre-glaze (as I’m painting in behind-the-glass technique, i.e. Hinterglass) it goes on first and provides the tonal variation to any subsequent colours applied.

    I’m also using oil sticks. Messy but the line like quality of them allows for a continuous application (don’t have to repeatedly reload the brush etc.).

    Also, I love the smell of linseed oil. Reminds me of my youth wondering around my grandfather’s studio.

    • thank you for your kind wishes Carlo, lovely to hear from you again. I like the idea of acrylic as a pre glaze method that would speed things up a bit. I have to say I do love working with oils. grate comment thank you – best ashar

  3. I am also glad you so up up up definatelymade me smile! And yours ayes are now on the mend all good
    Great doodles quite graphic in a way
    I too love oils but I am not the most patient.. I think working on an oil and an acrylic or more is productive; whilst oil is drying, if itneeds, another creation is in progress
    Oil sticks are indeed amazing to use, I like thier freedom and the paint moving direct from the hand
    Nothing smells quite so wonderfull as oils.
    All that aside acrylics and their various mediums and indeed mixed media can be such fun and so exciting in varying combinations and uses.
    Aaah art is such fun and frustrating and hard and lovely all in one big bundle of creativity

    • Thanks Sue, I am at the moment working on very small boards and experimenting. So watch this space and fingers crossed,,, I am however enjoying it – best Sharon

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