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colour palette
colour palette

One of my worst days ever in the studio


One of my worst days ever in the studio

I have come away feeling I can’t do it anymore; I have forgotten how!

As usual I have set aside January to do some experimental work and just see what happens. However today has been horrendous, I just spent most of the morning mixing a colour palette. To start with I put too much Prussian blue down and spent most of the time trying to bring in line. I was trying to mix a dark and a lighter slate grey. I just kept mixing and adding colour to get what I wanted, the more paint I added the more I was determined to make it work.

It was a bit like when you ask an Irish man directions and he tells you ‘Well I wouldn’t start from here’ I could have done with that advice! well actually I knew I was starting in the wrong place I just wouldn’t give in. I never got to the colour I wanted but went ahead anyway.

One of my worst days ever in the studio

I ended up with a horrible mess on boards, after trying to make them work for the best part of the day. Only to scrape all the paint off the boards and ending up with a pot of very expensive sludgy grey oil paint… very disheartening and only me to blame for one of my worst days ever in the studio

My experiments so far have been very hit and miss. Out of the four boards I have been working on I have one that I think has legs, one that I scraped back yesterday and have worked on today with todays palette. I have managed to bring the grey down on the board, although it isn’t really to my liking. I think once I work on it when it has dried off a bit it may find its legs; at least it has a chance

However the other two have been scraped and washed off and back to their grounds. Yes I know one and a half out of four it not at all bad given they are experimental works. But those bad ones really had no hope and have left me feeling that I have lost it and have forgotten how to do it. The bad days do that to me although usually I give up and do something on the computer or clean up and go home, but today I just kept on going from bad to worse; my own worst enemy – no fool like an old fool!

colour palette

colour palette – sludge grey anyone!

Ah well, tomorrows another day. Anybody want a pot of sludge grey oil paint


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