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three of my favourite poets, poems

To start I want to share these three with you.  The first has to be a piece from Shakespeare sonnets, our most revered of all wordsmiths.  The second is from one of my favourite poets Edward Lear, who never fails to bring a smile to my face. Then there has to be a quatrain from The Rubaiyat (my constant companion) whose wisdom and beauty never fails to sooth and guide to continue reading

poems that give comfort to me

This time, being March, I would like to add some of the poetry that gives comfort to me

The first is a piece by Siegfried Sassoon, who writes about the horror he experienced in The Great War.

This piece I think is about a near death experience, and helps me in my blackest moments   to continue reading

dedicated to…..

I want to add two very special pieces today, the first of which is a beautiful poem by Longfellow ’The Bridge, dedicated to my son Bernie whose loving spirit sustains me still. The second one is to my very special niece my late and beloved brother Cary’s daughter Tracie and Bernies T Monster. Who gives of herself to us her family selflessly and without her love and support I would not be here today.  This piece is from The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran ‘On Giving’ whose words of wisdom are there for all who are willing to open their hearts  to continue reading

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