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Burrow Mump
Burrow Mump

pondering and reflecting


pondering and reflecting

It’s that time of year again, time to reflect on the years work and make plans for next year’s work – so I am spending my time pondering and reflecting…

I am always acutely aware of the importance of keeping my work moving and setting goals to keep it stretched.  However I have been procrastinating on getting this onerous yet important task underway.  So I have been out with sketchbooks and noting the mood of the season instead 

Out and about and contemplating

Critique Required

I have finished and named the two paintings I asked for a critique on, in my last post, thanks to all who commented

on the edge

The suspense of living on the edge

In this piece I am exploring my emotional feelings about our world; which seems poised dangerously close to erupting into chaos, risking a dreadful fall into an abyss about which we know nothing

to see the other one the ‘farcical quality of the unknown’

Not a lot else to report I’m afraid will post again when I have got some pondering and reflecting to report – watch this space

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