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The RA Summer Show – Varnishing Day


The RA Summer Show 2017

For as long as I can remember I have loved art, and have looked up to the great artists of our past.  Many of whom have been Royal Academy Academicians; JMW Turner, being my particular passion.  My admiration for this great artist has never diminished.  I love to read and immerse myself in the many stories of his involvement with the RA; especially those of the RA Summer Show varnishing day. Envisioning these great days with all the academicians milling around and the excitement of the occasion.  To me, an aspirational event, one I could only visit in my wildest dreams; nevertheless very real to me.

So, fancy! after my first application to the RA Summer Show; one of the two works I submitted has made it through to this year’s RA Summer Show. ‘let go’ has been hung.  YES! I will be there at this year’s Varnishing Day.  Me ashar, artist walking in the footsteps of all those wonderful artists from the past; ‘me’ amongst the great and the good of our day.  I am so excited I can barely believe it.

RA Summer Show


let go


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