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finding my way
finding my way

rundown on the year so far


Rundown on the year so far

I started this year thinking I would use the time between open studios in 2016 and 2018; to experiment and hopefully come up with some good open exhibition pieces.  Consequently when I started to do this I found myself just letting go.  The work that was coming out was to some extent being forged by the palette I had chosen at that time mostly white/ grey, yellow some blue and black.  I was using items torn out of newspapers as I wanted to use text in the work although less readable than it had been in the ‘Exmoor and More’ series   All of the earlier work was experimental although, subsequent work was turning into a series off of it.  ‘letting go’ was in the throws of being born.   

rundown on the year so far

which way up is down

Royal Academy Summer Show 2017

About this time for the first time ever I decided to enter into the Royal Academy Open Exhibition.  You have to enter quite early in the year and I had not really finished anything of this new work.  However there was one piece that was almost there.  ‘Let Go’ was entered and to my total amazement was selected sent up to London and HUNG.  I was elated it was a lifetime goal actually I never ever thought it was possible; that is why I had never entered before and here I was not only hung in the RA but had sold on Collectors Day.  Fingers now firmly crossed for next year!


let go

finding my way

Some of my visitors in the studio at that time, weren’t quite sure what I was up to and I found myself trying to explain what was happening.  This led me to write about the progression of my work; from representational into what seemed to me at the time freedom of form and colour.  This has taken the shape of a little book ‘finding my way’ about my quest as an artist to express feeling of place into my work and not represent ‘the’ place.  I was still working all the time on what was now a series of work ‘letting go’

Letting go

‘Letting go’ took on several guises, it started in experimentation and found its way into the sky; all the time the marks man makes being an integral part of it.  I found myself not just in the sky where the ‘Exmoor and More’ series had led me; but when May arrived with its vivid greens and yellows on Cocklemoor, (this being all I could see from my studio window,) crept into my work and resulted into a mini series within and grounded me for a while. I just could not escape the vivid colours of the moor.  May and June over I found myself back in the sky but keeping myself grounded with the marks now taking on a more botanic form. 

all that I dream

all that I dream

Once I found myself doing another series, I decided it would need to be shown as a body of work.  2017 being an odd year, Somerset Art Works Festival year – SAW 2017 the odd years being about Venue and collection of artists.  Consequently, I got together with Claudia Gunton a painter and Rose Hubbard an experimental photographer to show at a barn in Chesterblade, SAW 2017 VENUE 12.

Overall, I created 16 small works and 22 larger works all of which are on my website.  Some of them still waiting for their new homes.  I am very pleased with this body of work, it needed to be given life.  However, I do need to be focused and stick to plan in the future.  Lesson learnt – stop putting pressure on myself and use the odd years to experiment and enter opens, as well as showing the odd work in chosen galleries

Rundown on the year so far

Looking back on the year I haven’t stopped working, and I am well and truly pooped.  showing in SAW and writing and publishing my little book ‘finding my way’ in addition to the RA drumming up a lot of new collectors, which was great.  However, this would have happened without my having done SAW and stuck to my original plan to use the year for opens and experiments.  As a result I had missed several opens as I was concentrating on showing and holding back pieces for the show. 

finally I now need to catch up with myself; garden and house work and blog etc…  once that is done  I will be taking a break.  I think I will just book a few nights at a hotel on Dartmoor do some walking and sketching.  This from where I am sitting now sounds just like heaven. For the rest of the year I intend to do some experimental work.  Wish me luck

I am interested in what you think about ‘letting go’ please leave your comment below

Thank you for taking the time to read this – best ashar



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