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so far this year
so far this year

So Far This Year


So far this year

I have been very busy in and out of the studio so far this year, in the studio I have four works finished and three more on The Work In Progress wall.  No stopping me at the moment, I jest I have had major computer problems and it has been in hospital sick ill and bad where the Guru has fixed it and is now back; hence this post.  The studio bit is true I am glad to tell you

letting go

I had planned just to make experimental art for the first quarter of this year; in the hope some good competition pieces would come out of it along the way.  Also to see if I could push my work on again, however this very quickly turned into a new series.  ‘Letting go’ it kind of took off without much of the experimenting I had planned.  Not sure if that’s just because I liked what was happening or if it is just the way the work needed to go.

Anyway this post is just to catch up with you, and let you know what I am working on.  I will give you a sneaky peek at my WIP wall but that’s it for now,

So Far This Year

Work in Progress

I am not ready to really unveil it; not yet anyway

Somerset Arts Festival 2017

So now I have a new series under way I will have to start looking for a venue to show it.  To that end I have joined up with fellow painter Claudia Gunton and a photographer Rose Hubbard. (I will fill you in on them in a later post)  We are hoping to find an industrial building, offices or a barn.  For the Somerset Arts Weeks Festival 2017 23rd September to 8th October

Joan Eardley

Ahh almost forgot to tell you I am going up to Edinburgh later this month to see the Joan Eardley Exhibition at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art.  I just love her work and cannot wait to see this exhibition.  I will let you know all about it when I come back watch this space.

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