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struggling again
struggling again

Still struggling, still undone!


Still struggling, still undone! 

Although I now recognise that the black dog has moved back in!  Very strange that, not recognising a regular visitor for this time of year.  He kind of crept up on me without my being aware that I had let him in. 

No wonder I am still struggling, still undone!  and cannot work properly; I kind of thought it was a confidence thing and I had lost it.  Well yes I have lost it, but I now recognise it for what it is.  Depression.

I had such a huge response to my last post I was hoping that by now I could have updated you all, with me cracking on through it and showing you some work.  I am so sorry this isn’t…

Although I have been going into the studio, trying to get some work done and not liking what I am doing, which endorsed my feelings of having lost it.  So at least now that I have recognised that I have slid gently into the black hole; I can reconcile myself to being aware that yes I will not see my work objectively until I come out of it. 

Still struggling, still undone! 

The work I have been doing has been very slow as I just cannot see any merit in it, I do not recognise it, I spend more time contemplating it than working.  What’s to do?  Should I continue working until I come out the other side (which feels like beating myself up) or take some time out until I recover?  (which is such a waste of time) My main problem with that is by not keeping busy I can become entrenched in my misery…

Kind of a vicious circle, I cannot see the work objectively which makes me feel I have lost my way; but if I stop working will I ever get myself out of the hole?

Do the pieces I have been working on have legs? and is my depression clouding my judgement? Or is the work generally not up to it? I cannot see…

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Works in Progress

I am making such hard work of it all.  Cannot see the wood for the trees.  If your around Langport anytime soon, please drop in for a coffee

all the best ashar


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