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bit of a funny year so far

by ashar

bit of a funny year so far

bit of a funny year so far It has been a bit of a funny year for me so far, painting individually and not in series has been a strange experience. Plus not having to work towards open studios. The black dog … Continue reading

we're almost there

by ashar

busy, busy, busy

Busy, busy, busy My third week in a very busy week with trying to get the diptych finished, just not going well at all; it has been very stressful however I did finished the large board that I started last … Continue reading

doodling on paper

14/07/2013 by ashar | 0 comments

doodling on paper

Yet more doodling on paper, in-between all the other work, it just has to be done!  I need to keep the ideas flowing and even though most of them are not going anywhere somehow they help in keeping me free.

SAW Festival 2013 is looming and I have only just started working towards it.  I managed to plaster three boards before running out of plaster, and have started painting them.  As I am using oil paint; in-between applications I am doodling on paper with acrylic paint. View the pictures →

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by ashar

getting the feeling for abstract art

getting the feeling for abstract art My living room is full of abstract art, by artists whose work I admire. Consequently I am often asked by non artists about it, and how some find it hard to relate to.  What … Continue reading