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this and that

this and that – news update


this and that – news update

it is all a bit of this and that at the moment; however I am hoping to get down to some real work soon.  In the meantime – I have had to make a banner for the Taunton Live Festival as I will be showing work at Shakspeare Glass throughout the festival; I have made one side a homarge to them 


Shakspeare Glass side

the other side is a representation of my work

banner \taunton Live

my side of the banner

my work will also be on show at Tacchi-Morris throughout July 2015

star for – stand against violence

I have also been working on a star for a project regards Stand Against Violence

dedicated to Bernie

dedicated to my beautiful son, whose loving spirit sustains me still

I also did this one, with Siegfried Sassoon’s ‘everyone sang’ on the back

birthday present

I have finally managed to finish a very belated birthday gift for Tm my lovely niece

birthday present

birthday present

this is the last time I will endeavour to make such representational work; it nearly drove me made!  but for the love of Tm it would have ended up in the bin

Bath and Open Exhibitions

Over the last few weeks I have been backwards and forwards to Bath as I have had two paintings accepted in juried opens

BSA have hung my ‘out there somewhere’ at The Victoria Art Gallery in bath

FaB had ‘magical mystery tour’ at the ad44 Gallery in Bath

click on above links for details

news update

work for Taunton Live – Shakspeare Galleries

I have decided to spend the rest of the summer with Mr Turner. He has been my muse and inspiration for as long as I can remember.  I am hoping that by trying to work on his sunrises I will learn from the master – please wish me luck – I am going to need it!

should anything worthwhile come from it I will show them at Shakspeare Galleries throughout Taunton Live

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