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endless moor ashar
endless moor ashar

two down two to go


two down two to go

I have finished the two paintings I showed you last posting and have just started tackling two more that were waiting in the wings for another chance.  I have to say I am pleased with the outcome of the two from last week.  I actually think I am getting more of my feelings for the moors into my work and less of what I see

wet windy moor ashar

wet, windy moor

endless moor ashar

endless moor

do you ever feel as I do when on the moors; I sometimes feel they go on for ever without end; endless like that feeling you get when on the high seas.  I know how Cathy felt for her moors; for her the ultimate freedom was associated with wandering on the moors. The West Country moors are no less enchanting they are equally mysterious and mystical

What do you think?  

two down two to go

however this piece is the view from my studio window and is representational with I hope the atmospheric feel of Cocklemoor early morning, the water is just flooding onto the moor.  It is nearly finished but I still need to give it that something more! 

Cocklemoor from my window ashar

view from my window

however; this piece is on Dartmoor and has quite some way still to go, I want to catch it in the same vein as the two finished pieces, so watch this space – fingers crossed.

two more on the go


 3D abstracts

I have started painting the two 3D abstract works but they two are still work in progress

two down to to go

experiment in wood and paint

two down two to go

experimental work, wood and paint

I now have some plaster so the next pieces will have plaster on them once again watch this space

I love to hear what you think please leave your views in the comments below, I will get back to you

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  1. Always a pleasure to see your work in progress – particularly good to see some 3D from you again

  2. Given your earlier struggles with the moors, I think you’re on to something here.

    • thanks Carlo, yes I am feeling so much more positive about expressing my feelings for the moors now – thanks once again for your comment best ashar

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