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Varnishing Day RA
Varnishing Day RA

Varnishing Day at the RA


Varnishing day at the RA (Royal Academy)

I would like to share some photos of Varnishing Day at the RA 2017 with you

RA selection


I had a really great day, what an experience! I won’t bore you with all the details of the day and will let the images tell the story.  Suffice it to say it is so exciting going to find where your work has been hung, and I am very proud to say I was hung in Gallery I, hung by Gus Cummins RA whose work I greatly admire; such an honour.

Varnishing Day RA

Gallery I, where ‘let go’ is hung

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It was good to meet up with Deborah Westmancoat and Fiona Bradford fellow graduates from Plymouth University, Somerset College; who also had work hung Well done to us all I say. 

‘let go’ To see post on ‘let go’





  1. Very proud of both you & fiona – flying the flag for our year
    at Uni & particularly for those of us who have “kept on keeping on” with Painting.

  2. Thanks for sharing, your work looks wonderful Asher.
    Wow I’m so impressed well done indeed all three!

  3. Excellent! Very proud of you, a just reward for your commitment and perseverance. Congratulations! X

  4. It was great to see your work at the RA, I spotted it immediately, congratulations on the sales.

    • Thank you Chezzie I very much appreciate your taking the time to let me know. I do hope you enjoyed it and the show – best ashar

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