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letting go
letting go

whatever happened to June, July and August…


Oh, my goodness – whatever happened to June, July and August…

It is September and I had hoped for a break before finalising everything for SAW 2017 not to be!  I have just under two weeks before we hang the exhibition on the 18th September.  Then all the listing, labelling and pricing and then prepping for the Open Evening on the 22nd and then make sure every piece has been UV protected. The edges have all been tidied up; fixings to be added etc… once they are done I need to catalogue the work add it all to my website and to Artfinder and Saatchi online.  So, I am feeling just a bit panicked…

Thought I would share this with you just in case you were thinking I was having a ball; seeing that I rarely post these days

If you follow me on Facebook, you will know it has been a very busy year for me; many of my older works have sold and gone far and wide to their new homes from London to Singapore. I am feeling a bit like a dispatch clerk to boot.

So with painting, writing and packing – whatever happened to June, July and August

I have also been writing a booklet regarding my work and its progress from my search for ‘spirit of place’ to ‘letting go’.  This will be available at Venue 12 and from my Studio as well as from my website’ but more about that later on.

 Now for the good news, this year’s work ‘letting go’ has gone well and I am looking forward to showing it to you.  I still have three paintings in WIP which I would like to share with you now

They have come on a little since these photos were taken, and so far so good; just one naughty one among them.

Feel free to let me know what you think, as you know I am not precious about my work as an artist I learned a long time ago you need a thick skin to survive.  Your comments are always of value to me and not just the good ones we live and learn

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