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work in progress


Work in Progress

This week I have been working on twelve small panels of 6” x 6” as I was in need of an abstract fix.  Which is a bit worrying as it is a different mindset than abstracting the landscape; at least it is for me.

However I just wanted to let go and paint for the sheer hell of it; before I start again on the Somerset levels – on larger panels. 

‘True art is characterised by an irresistible urge in the creative artist’ Albert Einstein


work in progress

work in progress

All I have to show for this week is Works in Progress, a few of them may be finished but in the main they still need some work.   Still I am enjoy working on such small boards, as well as letting go with the pallet.


I am beginning to realize that abstraction is a distraction for me; it allows me to indulge myself in the materials, process, colours, and form.  I can become immersed in my own space! for that reason I think I will keep this up perhaps not so many at one time, probably three to six at a time in the hope this will satisfy those urges alongside the need to challenge myself.  It may help to keep my work open and loose and free me up at the same time.  Well that’s the idea anyway

return to abstracting the landscape

Once these twelve are finished I will pick up from where I left off;  abstracting the landscape. This time I will be working on 20” x 20” panels.

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