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with a little help from my friends
with a little help from my friends

with a little help from my friends


too many balls in the air

Whew I need to catch up with myself! I have too many balls in the air and I am not at all sure what’s up there. They are in danger of crashing down without my even noticing. Memory not what it was! I am increasingly relying on notes and planners and even then I forget to look at them. I put them in my phone but the blessed thing only rings a couple of times and guess what! I miss it.

with a little help from my friends

I have had a crazy month or so, I moved my studio from home to Shakspeare Gallery in Langport; and have only just managed to sort out the mess left in its wake at home, thanks to my good pal Sue (Susan Wallis) who managed to move me from stagnant to a slight ripple, as well as moving two bookcases; and with the help of Nina (Nina Gronw-Lewis)screwed them to the wall. Thanks girls much appreciated.

stuff and minutia

I also had to write ‘my story’ as I am to be featured in Artsy Shark sometime soon; (more on that later) as well as sorting a time for a radio interview which is to take place next week. (I will let you know how that goes next post) and too many of life’s minutia to mention.

open studio

Along with all that I have been trying to keep up painting with an open studio throughout the Langport Festival; and I have been working on two paintings of the levels in spring, two new abstract paintings and two chairs that I have turned into abstract art.

work in progress

work in progress chairs into abstract art


I have been nothing if not productive, and that’s the rub! At the beginning of last week I found I had gone stale. I had nothing left to give my work, the paintings of the levels just stopped! I had nowhere to take them. I could not function on the chairs and had begun to think I was wasting my time on them. The two abstracts had got to first stage and I was thinking they were finished.

 production line

My life had turned into a production line and enthusiasm and creativity had gone for a rest (I should have gone with them but I had an open studio) and then along came Diane (Diane Burnell) (artist)and hubby Roger hot on her tail came Nicky (Nicky Clark) (artist) with artist friend Helen. Shortly to be joined by Chris Dart (artist) (his leaving speech)friend and my old tutor from Uni. Just what the creativity doctor ordered.

with a little help from my friends

It was such a lovely coincidence and very fruitful for me. The ensuing discussion about the work in hand was constructive and beneficial to me. Thank you all so much you managed to get my juices going again and recharged my batteries.


Due to all of their inputs I have finished the chairs and am very pleased with them (although I have spent more time on them than I will ever be able to recoup) however I they work and am I am sure of them finding an appreciative home. to see more

chairs into abstract art

chairs into abstract art

levels in spring

Chris and Nicky came up with some very useful ideas to help me move my levels work on which I haven’t had time yet to process; but will as soon as I can after finishing this blog.

It was so lovely seeing you all and thank you so much for getting me out of the doldrums

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