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Cocklemoor under water
Cocklemoor under water

Working again and in full swing


Working again and in full swing

I have completed six small boards (6″ x 6″) in oil which I am pleased with and will offer them up for sale as two triptychs so glad I am working again and in full swing

I hope you like them; anyway let me know what you think of them in the comments section below, please

Oils v Acrylics

I have decided to carry on in oils; as I am loving working again in oil.  (see last post) It is so sensual and pliable; never mind the mess!

Three little experimental boards

They are to be in the colours I intend to be working in.  I found this shell case on Exmoor last year and have intended to use the colours into my work.

Working again and in full swing

found on Exmoor

However I have found that they have influenced the way I painted with them (the colours that is).  They just took me off into a direction I wasn’t sure I wanted to go!  Very sea inspired and not at all about the moors.  So I have scrubbed them out and laid down another ground; watch this space I am hoping I will have more control next time around

three 8″ x 8″ boards 

Making boards for my next series of work

I have also been making up boards in various sizes (12″ x 12″ up to 36″ x 36″) for the next series of work for 2016.

Working again and in full swing

It is so good I am busy with loads of stuff to do and working again, and in full swing so hopefully 2016 will continue in this vein. 

Exhibitions 2016

Exhibitions booked so far for this year see Exhibitions 2016.  I will be opening my studio in September for SAW Open Studio Event.  I am also looking for a GOOD venue to put on a joint show with one other artist or possibly solo but it will depend on the venue

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