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lets party
lets party

working towards shows


I have been busy beavering away making new works for Somerset Art Weeks and ‘Transformations’ at Somerton.  both taking place from 20th September to 5th October 2014.  

I have managed to finish seven new works and am still working on number eight.  I have finished a series of six small works and am also working on a further six small pieces..  the new works will be showing at my studio in Langport and a selection of works from the ‘arcane’ series at Somerton.  

I have chosen to show the works on plaster at Somerton as it is to be in The Old Town Hall House and my works on plaster show well in old buildings.  

 working towards shows

the eighth piece is giving me a bit of a hard time and is going through quite a few changes.  so I thought it might be of interest to you to see this process.  I started with pinks and a grey green – 

working towards shows

work in progress – 6th July

this photo is, if I remember rightly a bit bright, I know at that stage I was aiming for a more subdued feel. 

WIP working towards shows

WIP working towards shows – 10th July

just building up the marks whilst I am working towards shows

working towards shows

WIP working towards shows – 12th July

I think I knew even then I was going to have trouble with this one!

 working towards shows

WIP building up the picture

No I am not happy, I need to stand it facing the wall for a bit now!

WIP working towards shows

WIP working towards shows – 6th August

just a light covering of turquoise to cover the pink and keep some of the marks – can’t say I am convinced though!

WIP working towards shows

changing the pace a bit – 8th August

getting better? mmm not sure, need to change the pace a bit more

working towards shows

changing the speed again – 8th August

I then went on to add several lines and marks; unfortunately I forgot to photograph them.  anyway they didn’t help much, it just wasn’t going to come together

starting over again

starting over again – 9th August

so i started all over again – better luck this time – sometimes it just goes like that!

watch this space I will keep you posted on how it goes from here

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